About Us

The story so far..

Direct Software Group was founded by Robert Storey, Luke Stringfellow and Remi Hopkins in 2016 with the joint goal of utilising new technology to create mobile applications to solve real life problems in businesses that might not otherwise consider such solutions due to lack of knowledge in the technology sector or maybe through limited budgets.

We brought together our joint experiences and expertise and along with our professional and dedicated team, we created Direct Repairs, our first own branded and Award-Winning maintenance reporting App and the C9 Tracker App which was developed in conjunction with Forever Living and reached the top five in the app charts!

Continually striving, our business has rapidly developed leading to a re-brand in 2018. Partly down to our own success, this has been necessary due to our expansion into the Insurance industry with the recent appointment of our Director in this sector Mr. Dean Parrish. We also have several up and coming exciting projects in the education and healthcare industries and look forward to bringing our unique solutions into these sectors.

If you are a business or organisation who are looking to embrace technological advances either in the form of a native App or integrated cloud-based software solution, then get in touch with our dedicated team who will welcome the opportunity of an initial chat.

Furthermore, if you are an individual or business with a great idea for an App or new business system then please contact us to discuss making your business idea a reality as we are always on the lookout for new business partnering proposals!